The lights were groovy colours, the band was playin’ slow. We danced just one dance together then she said… I’ve gotta go now

Today was a day for good friends. I often say – well tbf I often speak / talk / blather – that life is best if what makes you happy is simple and cheap.

I must stress that I am not calling my friends simple and / or cheap. What make me happy though is being with friends and family, having a drink, having a laugh, enjoying the moment. It is not about ‘stuff’ or looking with envy at what others may appear to have.

Today I had lunch with two lovely friends from school days, Lucretia and Crystal Tips. Lucretia and I have been in the same schools since we were 4 or 5. Crystal Tips I have been great friends with since we were 15. I morbidly said to CT as we parted company with a hug and a kiss, “Hope to see you before I die”. Luckily she misheard this as “Hope to see you in Brunei”. Strangely she did not challenge this statement – watch this space; Brunei here I come??

Now tonight, whilst at my parents I had the lovely unexpected bonus of a visit from The Captain and Tenille who came bearing this wonderful gift for The Bob Cave.


Now I had to quickly remind them that I have not shared my mid-life crisis with the Senior Careys. By which I mean;


Yes, I finally got my County tat done a month ago. Age 53 I still don’t dare tell my mum.

Anyway to The Captain and Tenille, many thanks for such kindness and Mother Carey Senior has not stopped talking about you, and probably won’t for several months.

So a day of friendship and a day of helping my mum out with stuff that is ever more complicated once you are in your 80s. In my job I find so much out about people and a recent observation on my part is that carers are the order of the day when it comes to life challenges, and in contrast having kids – in very very general terms – seems better supported and accepted by ‘the system’ and society. We are not set up to cope with such an ageing population I guess.

Fingers popped round the day before but I baulked from inviting him in without a wingman or woman. Also how do you introduce a bloke called fingers to your parents?

One downside of ageing is that you may find your hair falls out. At a recent tram naming ceremony in Birmingham (I am a man of many hobbies), Brummie comedian Jasper Carrott proved this.


Jasper is the one with no hair (or eyes).

Some Brummie jokes for you;

I went to a fancy dress party in Birmingham where the theme was “spice”.
I went as a chilli but everyone else was an astronaut.

A Brummie walks into a tailors and says: “Alroit, mate. I’d like a 70s suit, please.”
The tailor says: “Certainly sir, and would you like a kipper tie?”. Brummie says: “Thanks mate, two sugars.”

Boom boom!


Talking about music, some weeks back now me and The Fam headed off to the best music pub in Essex, The Crown in Romford, for J.O.B.’s album launch party. ‘Free Your Mind’ is hard-rock Heaven and available on iTunes, Spotify and all other good media outlets!

It was a great night and lots of guest spots. I still hope to be their Bez or Barry Mooncult but await the invitation. Here are the lads rocking out the Camden Monarch last month.


The term ‘gig’ is taken from the Latvian word ‘gigisz’ which means to cause merriment through rhythm. Strange but true!

I am trying not to get into ‘I’m a Celebrity’ this year as it is too time-intensive. I have been watching ‘The Apprentice’ though and question whether it has gone past it’s sell-by date. This year Big Al has weeded out all the non-white, disabled, LGBTQ+ and non-‘English’ accented early on. Bizarre. He likes the cheeky Cockney geezer Thomas but I do too and could work with him unlike most of the others. Are all librarians now like Lottie FFS?

The Walking Dead continues to be great – didn’t see the storyline coming at the end of that last episode, Behind you!

The first episode of ‘War of the Worlds’ was enjoyable. Not the greatest thing ever but better than the Tom Cruise film. If I had been up against Martian tripod beings I would have set up an informal meeting with them to explore their grievances and to try and find a way to mutually resolve the matter. HR can add a lot of value to Sci Fi crises. We would have mediation, wellbeing sessions, working groups, focus groups, questionnaires, and above all legally compliant polices and procedures (flexible but providing a clear framework to work within). I could have reasoned with Alien and Predator just needed clear hunting boundaries establishing from the outset. Don’t even start me on the daleks. They were v intelligent – like me – and just wanted a clear memorandum of understanding drafting to avoid the destruction of so many planets.

My dream HR Sci Fi  / X-File type busting team would be me, Daphne from Scooby Doo, Elton John, Daenarys Targaryen from Game of Thrones and Aled Jones as a child. As you can tell I have considered this for many hours. We have Mystery Machine expereince of scores of successful investigations; a real life Rocketeer; someone with dragons who is not to be messed with and the subtle yet persuasive skills of a dulcet-toned, soon to be much loved presenter, who can bring snow to life. I am the brains of the operation with the procedural magic.

If you know anyone who needs protecting from forces which they do not understand, please message me – no job too small. I can get the team assembled in no time at all (I assume) and we have never failed to solve a mystery, inter-planetary or otherwise, so think on rude boys and girls.

Well having done two blogs in three days I have run out of crap to spout forth.

Tomorrow is another day of football with Hairy Liam and gang. I shall be on lemonade with a dash of Bovril stock cube, and if I am up for it later may be on meths & absinthe cocktails to see if I really will go blind.

Adieu and goodnight.






















4 thoughts on “The lights were groovy colours, the band was playin’ slow. We danced just one dance together then she said… I’ve gotta go now

  1. You truly are a star who brings the best out in inspire humour and are a pleasure to be with so happy to have you as a friend


    1. 😬😬😬🍻🍻🍻⚽️⚽️⚽️🎸🥁🎷


  2. Love your blogs! Always make me laugh, smile and bring back many memories xx


    1. Ha ha! Who says you need to grow up?! If I write all this rubbish down it means Mary doesn’t have to hear me speaking as much nonsense 😂😂😂


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