It’s not my fault

Having left UCL after 21 years on 26 January, Little Al said him and Ange reckoned I should do a blog. What an inspired idea. I have so much to share. So many ideas to inspire; dreams to awaken; people to annoy.

It has taken me ages to work out what a blog is, how to set a blog site up, and to understand any of the technical terms.

So this is brief as my tea will be ready soon. We are having baked potatoes with cheese, prawns, marie rose sauce and probably salad as Mary says I have to be healthy and salad cancels out cheese. I like salad. I like cheese more. If my head had to be made of cheese, by law, it would be a mature cheddar or possibly Cheshire. The latter may prove too crumbly to be practical.

Mary has just said I had better not spend all my time doing this. No way Jose / Mary! I plan to eat cheese too, not just write about it in a cranium-related fashion.

So I am still strictly employed by UCL and am on annual leave until Wednesday 31 January. From 1 February 2018 I am jobless. My choice. Time for a change after two months off (at least).

Today I have eaten breakfast with Brun. It would have been brunch but I did not have chips with it. That is what defines brunch. Brun had omelettey stuff. Then I went to the dump as I am a right geezer. I dumped things e.g. a mattress, a Scottish shortbread tin, a cardboard box, a blue recycling box which blew into our drive. Then I went to the library. I would tell you what book I got out, but I need to have some secrets in my life.

Mary is loving having me at home and says that I remind her of a young Mr T but more “lovely-faced”. We keep holding hands and giggling and then singing about our favourite cheeses.

I plan to blog about things that happen, whether true or not, and this is just a test-run as no idea what I am doing. If you like this you really need to get a life as I began with no idea what I was about to type, and end with no interest in what I may have typed. Cheese apart this was a waste of both our times. In fact no one knows about this blog so I am typing this for myself which is even more pointless.

Actually Camembert but your head could be look a soft-boiled dunky egg.


10 thoughts on “It’s not my fault

  1. Loving it already! Great idea from Big Al. I’ve had 2 years of freedom and still not managed to sort out the cellar. Looking forward to your next instalment – as I obviously need to get a live 👍🏽


    1. Martha’s mumblins, I seem to remember was what you were going to call it! I prefer Sammy’s Last Words!!!

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  2. Mmm somehow i think I will be buying Mary a big drink when i see her. .she’ll bloody need it. Surely there are a raft of jobs she’s saved for you. Saying that i like the blog and I like cheese! !


    1. Poor Mary… is always Poor Mary….what about poor idiot Bob?


  3. Well now Bob this is a pretty cheesey piece if writing!! But for a first blog it’s pretty darn good!! One request -can you change the purple background? I can hardly read the words 😣


  4. It’s a cash cow and I want a big piece of the cheese when it all goes viral. The blog not the cheese..


    1. If cheese were a rainbow mate. You know what I am saying.


  5. So glad I read that all the way through 😀


    1. Why, do you feel wise and learned now? That is my aim. Like home schooling but not at home. And with no schooling.

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