I know what a boom is. Do you?


I intended to give you some facts about Newfoundland today but just as I started I suddenly recalled the 70s mindbend that was Mary, Mungo and Midge.

I loved it as they were clearly very happy. A girl with no family, who appeared not to go to school, her big dog, and a mouse which I assume had been attracted by the filthy flat they undoubtedly lived in at the top of their tower block. The lift always worked.

I learnt one thing from the series which I still know now. That long bit on a crane parallel to the ground, that the chain and wrecking balls hangs from, is called the Boom. I too bring you knowledge. Tell someone else.

Little known fact, dog Mungo was named after the hippy singer Mungo Jerry and if you imagine the dawg with big hair you will realise how alike they look. Mary was inspired by Mary Quant and Midge by the phrase ‘gis a midge a of your sweet herb’ which came from free love music festivals in the late 60s (apparently).

Now Newfoundland.

A dear friend of ours, who is a local Essex artist, will be going on a research trip to Newfoundland later this year. To educate you thickos (no offence) and to publicise this Canadian island, I bring you facts.

  1. You can get a ferry all year round between North Sydney, Nova Scotia and Port aux Basques – don’t worry of you need a connecting bus as DLR Coach Lines sort that out
  2. Singer Midge Ure (Ultravox) has never been to Newfoundland
  3. John Shannon Munn is Newfoundland’s most famous cricketer

These are the only three facts I could find but I hope these have inspired you to visit Newfoundland one day. Take a sandwich and a flask and make a day of it.

Oh yes, blogging, so I say what I have been doing. Well I had a great walk with Ern and Max earlier up in the Roding Valley Nature Reserve. Ern managed to chase three squirrels all at once. See below.


He then showed Max how to eat horse poo but I managed to stop them. It is very Moorish though.

We played ball. Today I spiced things up by bringing two balls instead of one. I only threw one at a time though. I’m not a giddy imbecile you know.

I cleared some more of my historic artifacts today too. The dilemma remains. How do I get rid of any football programmes? England v Turkey in 1987. Yin-Tong at work won the tickets but didn’t want to go so me and Nick went. We got there quite late rather inebriated as I recall. We scored and Nick clapped whilst holding a bag of unopened crisps in his hands which then popped and the comb over bloke in front ended up sporting a load of Golden Wonder. Nick did try and pick them out but I recall it was not well received. We won 7-0. We used to back then as no one else in the world knew how to play football yet.

I dug up an early 80s Orient v Stockport programme. That was the game Mary joined me and Mike (he of the two imaginary dogs Nutmeg and Doodah) and we realised that anyone who brings a box with home made buns for half time can come any time they want.

I also found a mid-80s Cambridge v Stockport programme. Now that was back in my CUSCSC days and I was delighted that County sent me a load of complimentary tickets. A group of cycling ‘never been to one of these association football game’ student pals then made me realise never mix student life with your football passion. Yes, it was good that they tried to make up jaunty little songs, but the looks from the travelling Blue Army and the players said it all. We won. Or lost. Or possibly drew.

See all these memories from a football programme. Millwall v Wigan FA Cup Semi-Final? I remember Millwall fans punching each other. Self-fulfilling stereotypes.

FA Cup Final 2004 Fans © Rob Watkins

This is a boring one tonight. See I am not on acid. As Mary puts it, what I type is ‘Brain Phlegm’  – tonight it appears to be a pale green and not particularly viscous.

Actually the only reason I did a blog tonight was because I was downstairs and she who must be obeyed (even if she is wrong) started watching ‘Call the Midwife’. I was willing to stay in the room but apparently no one can sing, dance, jabber incessantly or stare at their wife, whilst CTM is on. With such restrictions in place I went to see Daisy in her room but it appears that similar rules were in force. Having already annoyed Will via FaceTime it meant I had to read yesterday’s paper. I did have today’s but I hate the Sunday papers and would rather read day old news instead. I got bored anyway. So blame my family.

Finally, bands wot I have seen slot. I actually went to see Fishmonkeyman. Now they had one good track (only one track in total?) and as I recall they were crap. The name is worth them existing though. Amazingly I cannot find any information about them online other than their music on YouTube. They must have been so embarrassed.

My first CD was by The Loveblobs. See below. They sounded like what they look like.


Right. Apologies. This has been like a Fishmonkeyman B-side – pointless and forgettable. I need a few days off.


2 thoughts on “I know what a boom is. Do you?

  1. I liked this one!! Loved mary mungo and midge and didn’t know about their names so you’ve educated me. And no you can’t throw any football programmes put. If I still have my spurs 81-83 scrapbooks then that tells you enough! !


    1. My main aim is to share knowledge. Just found out that toothpaste was invented by the Vikings


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