It doesn’t really matter what you put me through, you’ll never stop me from loving you


Dill pickles.

I like a dill pickle. Just occasionally. Maybe twice a year? A bit like I love a rollmop herring just once or twice a year.

So imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw Dill Pickle Pringles in Sainsbury’s. Who woulda thunk it? It’s not a flavour that you imagine being that marketable but what do I know. Oddly, I saw a tube of Dill Pickle Pringles a couple of weeks back on the cheapo shelves but without a price on it so I left it. A week later it was on the normal Pringles shelf – just the one tube of Dill Pickle Pringles and no price or signage.  Now I had had sleepless nights having failed to buy the Dill Pickle Pringles the first time so I had no choice. In the basket, boom, Dill Pickle Pringles.


See? Dill Pickle Pringles.

I imagined that, like Tomato Sauce or Pickled Onion flavour crispy snacks, they might be a vague tinge of the taste of the vegetable / pickle and / or condiment after which the snack is named. Oh no. Dill Pickle flavoured Pringles taste exactly like a strong dill pickle. I mean it is uncanny. I had a few. No one else would try them. I then realised that I would only want another Dill Pickle Pringle in perhaps 6 – 9 months time by which time they would be soft and inedible. In the bin they went. My Dill Pickle Pringles.

My experience has led to three unanswered questions in my head.

  1. Why Dill Pickle Pringles?
  2. Why did Sainsbury’s stock just one tube of Dill Pickle Pringles?
  3. Why has my constant discussion at home about Dill Pickle Pringles cause Mrs Bob to get grouchy and moan that I keep saying Dill Pickle (Pringles)?

The world needs to know.

I only have a dill pickle (very very occasionally) with fish n chips. With mushy peas of course. We love our local, Rock n Roe.


As a child we used to get our fish n chips from Whittaker’s Fish Bar in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport. I think it is still there. Wrapped in newspaper. Brilliant. I used to have Dandelion & Burdock with it. Tried it in my adult life. Bleah.

Family holidays in Broadstairs meant fish n chips at Gollick’s. I think I have the name right but can’t find it on the internet probably as it folded pre-internet.

Now Broadstairs. My grandad lived there until I was well into my teens and we had breaks there most summers.


Wonderful memories – I men look at the place. That is Viking Bay which is the main beach. We went round the headland usually to Joss Bay which was on the way to Margate.

Ice creams? There used to be Rhino’s which my dad liked a coffee in, but for me it had to be – and still is – Morelli’s.



In 1932 the first Morelli’s ice cream parlour, overlooking Viking Bay, was opened, becoming the first ever to serve over 20 flavours of ice cream. It is so unchanged as you can see in the picture with a soda fountain, juke box, formica tops and pink leatherette booths.

We spent many hours in the Albion bookshop as well as the huge warehouse it had nearby full of 2nd hand books. The latter is now a real ale buffs bar but still has lots of the books there so you can chill with a pint and an eclectic read.

The amusements arcade is nicely hidden away and is about ten years behind modern games. The tiny cinema used to have one film a week. I recall seeing Digby the Biggest Dog in the World there which I assume was when I was 7 having just checked the release date.


Blimey – Spike Milligan and Jim Dale were in it!

If you are now desperate to see the film, well apparently Digby is given away to a bloke who works in a defence lab that experiments with animals and plants for space travel. A growth-boosting chemical is made in the lab, and Digby is accidentally fed some and, as a result, is growing all the time; eventually, he’s the size of an ocean liner. He gets stolen and sold to a circus, escapes and is hunted by the army and air force. It sounds like a classic. How can I not remember it?

I watched a Jackie Chan film this week, The Foreigner, on Netflix. It gets the Boblog seal of approval. One of those revenge thrillers but a decent one.


I booked three music fests this week. No idea why but I got over excited for some nostalgia. May next year I am off to the Stone Valley Festival in Ware for two of the three days for some good old mod and ska, with lots of tribute type bands. The biggest pulls for me are From The Jam on the Friday who are a Jam covers band but actually include ex-,member Bruce Foxton. The next day I can’t wait to see Death of Guitar Pop and also the Neville Staple Band (ex-The Specials). I assume Nev will be on stage with DOGP for ‘Suburban Ska Club’. Looking forward to Secret Affair too but not headliners (bloody) Cast. Decided against the three days so still miss out on The Vapors.


July sees me in good old Stocky a walk away from my parents for 8os Smash Hits on the Pitch. I have covered this one before, so won’t bang on.

To make it a hattrick though I am now off to ‘Let’s Rock Essex’ in September which seems very unrocky indeed. If you liked 80s pop though it will be a right laugh.

My Premier League acts are , Jimmy Somerville,  Go West, Nick Heyward, Heaven 17, The Real Thing, Betty Boo and China Crisis.

My Championship acts are Status Quo, Tony Hadley, Midge Ure and Nik Kershaw.

As for Sonia I don’t know what to say. I did like her but did she have more than one song? She was an early Stock, Aiken and Waterman success and her big hit could just have easily been Kylie.

I was down the pub on Friday for our termly fantasy football league night out. For a change I am doing ok. I was 6/42 then but am down to 8th now. My Wolves defence tactic paid off for a while…..

I was well behaved at the pub starting on coke (the drink) before having a few beers in moderation and leaving soo after 10. I just can’t hack late late nights and too much booze anymore. Not bad thing I guess. There – that is Bob’s Health Tips for you. Inspiring AND motivational.

Meanwhile Stockport added to the 3-0 defeat of league leaders with a 2-0 win at Curzon Ashton on Saturday. Crisis subsides until we only beat Yeovil 5-0 in the FA Cup next weekend.

My bruvlar Khaki is from Yeovil so it will be no surprise to him that Yeovil was first mentioned in a Saxon charter dated 880 as Gifle, and that this name derives from the Celtic river-name gifl “forked river”. Gifl was bequeathed in the will of King Alfred the Great to his youngest son Aethelweard and was recorded in the Domesday Book as Givele. From this historic fact comes Yeovil FC’s nickname The Aethelweards. Their famous ground is of course The Gifl.

The artist Flora Twort was born in Yeovil in 1893.


Right. Time to watch Dr Who. If it doesn’t start to get scary soon then I am ditching it and going back to ‘Rentaghost’.










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