Bring me fish with eyes of jewels And mirrors on their bodies

Jez Quigley off Corrie. Just saying.


So it’s all a bit lean on the work front this last week or so, which has helped create the latest injury.

With a bit of time on my hands I have just been playing pool in the Bobcave with Carey Junior (Male), I was standing in the wrong place for his foul chip-shot off the table however which achieved a perfect (left) ball’s eye. I didn’t let this put me off and won 2-1, but sadly that may be the end of the Carey line. I had planned at least 30 more children.


I will get him back when he is least expecting it. Actually I better not say that here as if he reads my Boblog then he will in fact know when to expect it.

After a pointless medical appointment at the Royal London Hospital earlier I did my best to keep out of Mrs Bob’s way so she could have the house to herself. Tricky. I don’t like shopping so my choice of going to Stratford Westfield was a mistake. I managed to get two cards and a newspaper but then had to have lunch – spicy chicken noodle doodah. At that point I gave up and went home.

Here is an artist’s reconstruction of me shopping earlier.

I nearly forced myself to watch a film but couldn’t be arsed to pay over a tenner for Yardie. I loved the book but the film sounds too toned down to make it a ’15’ so what’s the point.

A good football weekend. Watched Bob Junior’s (male) Gooners win 3-2 at the Bluebirds, followed by my first venture into Eleven Sports territory, the on-line purveyors of top flight Italian and Spanish football. No pundits so half time is just filming the fans, the ground, the players and officials in the tunnel. Really refreshing and I liked it. Viola are 3rd now after beating Udinese 1-0 making it two wins out of two. Stockport beat the mighty Leamington 3-1. Clapton FC managed a 1-1 draw v Woodford Town in the FA Vase and face a replay.

Thanks to Bulldozer for sharing the following about Clapton CFC who have only existed since February 2018, when they were set up in response to a dispute between fans and owners of Clapton FC. The Clapton Ultras boycotted home games at Clapton FC for the whole of the 2017-18 season, after the chief executive attempted to liquidate the charity running the club, who had been playing at the ground since 1888.


Clapton CFC will compete in the Middlesex Counties football league, and are temporarily based in Walthamstow, east London. Their red, purple and yellow away shirt is inspired by the flag of the Second Spanish Republic, and honours the International Brigades who fought in the civil war. The back of the shirt features the slogan “no pasarán”, meaning “they shall not pass”, which was used by anti-fascist fighters in the 1930s. It also features the three-pointed star of the International Brigades, and was released to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the conflict. With over 5,400 pre-orders they have halted further purchases for months until they can get on top of the immediate demand. Brilliant.

May need to catch a CFC game soon. Much as I love visiting the Old Spotted Dog Ground, the tiny attendances now lack the passion of the Ultras.

Anyone catch ‘The Plague’ this weekend? Not literally. It is a Spanish series and started watching some of it last night. Just my thing. Medieval filth and pestilence and that. BBC4. Watch it.



I also finished Detectorists on catch up TV with Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook who I seem to have overly featured here before. The last episode had me smiling from ear to ear and nearly doing a gig round the room. Lovely stuff.


Being non-groovy, I listen to Radio 5. Almost exclusively.

Over the last 7 days I have heard two people who have really impressed me.

Now I am not a celebrity watcher and it has little interest for me but I have a soft spot for Stacey Solomon. Last week’s Now Magazine cover featured Stacey Solomon, with the words “boring”, “desperate” and “cheap” written underneath. The phrases were taken from social media comments about her and put alongside a picture of her in a bikini, which she had shared on her own profile to encourage body positivity. SS came on Radio 5 to talk about this and negative body image problems leading to self harm and other health issues amongst teens and young women. Impassioned, eloquent, direct and just plain normal. More power to her and people like her.


The other person I found inspiring was an academic from Canterbury Christ Church University talking this morning about Brexit (not pro or anti). She was just the sort of lecturer you would want – making it simple; painting a picture using vivid metaphors that stick with you (ok, I have forgotten them already but that’s not the point…..) and just being so upbeat and engaging about a subject I am personally sick to death of. Great stuff.

Popped out to Loughton Sainsbury’s this morning for the essentials – 4 Bean Salad, Nivea facewash (for strong men) and fresh quinoa and alfalfa juice. To my delight I find we have a new feature in-store.


Now who doesn’t love sushi? So exciting. We now have the wonderful Onami Sushi barely 5 minutes walk from us as well as fresh sushi at the local supermarket. How come I love all this healthy stuff so much but still weigh more than Billy Bunter on steroids?

I came home to see what I could find in the fridge that had gone bad. Surprise surprise. It is never the naughty stuff and always the vegetables. If you want a load of well manky tomatoes do help yourself out of our green bin.

I had a drink down the Red Lion in Leytonstone last night with Bulldozer and his lovely wife Mrs Garibaldi. The Red Lion used to be a proper spit and sawdust pub with the odd decent beer. It is now a craft ale place with jars of overpriced nuts and shit. Can they manage a decent pint ever? No. Last night most of their copious crap ales were ‘off’ leaving us with three. Two were under 4 per cent average session ales and the other was 7.4%. FFS.

Reflecting on this last paragraph I now think I know why, despite lots of healthy food, I scare Moby Dick off when I get in the sea.


Continuing with my Diaro online quest – to input all the important things from my old diaries into an on-line diary. It is compulsive as you can tag friends, and locations and then see a ‘count’ e.g. how many times have I been to the Red Lion (as far as this is recorded in my diaries? Who did I see most of in 2001? I can tell you that Est Ham beat Sunderland 1-0 on Sunday 5th December 2010. No idea why this is recorded but I did a tick next to it.  On the same day I have the worrying entry of ‘Asbestos ?’ with a X next to it suggesting that I failed to address the issue. Who can forget me renewing my TfL season ticket on 10th December that year (before expiry on 14th December)? Happy days. (sit on it Pottsy).

I like to dance and I must say so does Theresa May (who should have stayed at home yesterday).

I don’t do twitter but I tried a few yesterday and today. Still don’t get it. How many words can you do? What is the point? I would prefer a social media called Witter where I can just witter on about anything that comes into my head. A Boblog if you will. Why thank you.

I had two plums yesterday but they didn’t agree with me totally. I should have stuck at one plum. No euphemism or pun here. Just basic fruit talk. I can’t eat kiwifruit or most melons as I get a reaction a bit like with some nuts. I had a handful of almonds the other day and that was bad too. Thing is I am fine with Toblerone and Almond Slices and Battenburg cake. Did you know Battenberg cake is named after a mountain? The Batten Berg is an Austrian peak where in 1948 a party of Italian tourists were lost during a blizzard, presumed dead. Over five years later they were found safe living in a cavern which led from a huge but hidden crevice. They had fresh water and a small wooded area with wild boar they had managed to domesticate. All seven of them had survived and they had had two children born in the five years too. The only real twist was that four of the party had no legs and they would never talk about how this happened……


Right I have lunch to eat and then job applications to do before I take the dawgs out for a run.

Let’s finish with a picture of Break Machine.










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