This is just a simple song that I’ve made for you on my own


With the power of the free advert laden version of Spotify I was able to bring a holiday ‘mixed tape’ to Corfu.

Yes I have just been listening to Love Missile F1-11 by Sigue Sigue Sputnik, formed by Tony James who was in Gen X before that with Billy Idol. Great track.

In contrast this was followed by the song of rabbit murder and genocide, Bright Eyes, by Art Garfunkel, who was part of the original US Chuckle Brothers act of course before later joining ZZ Top.

I won’t go through all tracks here but we have had The Specials Little Bitch, now playing, Danny Wilson, Carter, Heatwave, House of Love, The Smiths, FR David with Words, and Born to be alive by Patrick Hernandez. Jazz funk instrumental from Mezzoforte, Spyro Gyra and Casiopea. Oh and Girls Aloud. Eclectic music is great.


This takes me back to being 14 or 15. Me and best mate Bonky would wander up to Stockport on the bus, the 377 or 378, and head to the record emporium Sifters. We both loved soul and similar which did no sell well in our locality. Sifters discounted such singles after a week to 10p but put the box on the counter. Obviously we could not look like we had only come in for that purpose. Each Saturday therefore we would enter the shop and look with great interest at the racks of LPs, starting at the door and gradually making our way to the counter. Goodness! Look at this Bonky, some 10p records! What a surprise. Again.


A opulent of quid later and the other options were Woollies or the basement of the Coop in Stockport precinct. The latter supplied most of my War LPs, all bargains. No idea why they had so many but I must have bought 10 there as well as a cheap Japanese import Mint Jams by Casiopea which is one of my most coveted albums. Happy days. Spotify is not the same but it does allow you  to access almost any track you fancy.


I could go on about music forever but only my pal Ziggy Karndust would be interested.

Mezzoforte were Icelandic and I have read two Icelandic novels on my hols. One by Yrsa Sigurdardottir and another by Arnaldur Indridason. Only telling you as it sounds learned. In contrast my 5th book of the hols is currently Dan Brown’s Origin.

I have an Yrsa tale but not for now. It has volcanoes and alcohol in it.


I have had a bit too much sun today so came back to the room at 4ish. I was at the pool at 8am again. I love the pool but the clear clear and still sea, the Ionian Sea, is perfect. I have taken to swimming after sunset in the sea. You feel so small, so insignificant, looking out into the darkening horizon and up at the almost blood red clouds clinging onto the sun’s fire. Perfect.

Mpr perfecterer is that I have remember how to  do Bob seatumbles. Elegant no. Fun yes. I may join an aquatic circus.


Again this is a short Boblog. As usual I have nothing to say. As I am on holiday I have less of nothing to say than usual.

Here is the last instalment’s missing Marine Boy pic. No vegetable pics but his dolphin is like a sea cucumber.








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