Tarmac your drive mate?

I’m in Corfu with Mrs Bob and the juniors so this is not a Boblog, just a holding message. No pics. Without my laptop I am lost.

When we get back I have so much information to impart. Record buying in the 80s, volcano death, football and lots lots more. I will also do a Summer Special like the Beano used to. A treat for your holidays.

so I have one thing. A night or two ago in the heat of the night. It is sooooo hot. I wake suddenly. Bad dream.



Its the one we all have. I went round to help a mate, old neighbour The Silver Fox. He was helping his mate lay a drive and also a garage floor. Obviously they would want me to help with my DIY skills. My mate Bonky was there too.

The thing is there is a large work party and they seems very like minded. Then I spot the display in the garage. Swastikas. Hitler pics. German war medals. We are only having a Nazi drive laying day. Tarmac by the way.

I got Bonky out nut not sure if The Silver Fox had a clue.

Thats all you get.

Artichoke heart.



2 thoughts on “Tarmac your drive mate?

  1. Hurry up and get home. I need to hear the end of the Tarmac Tale.


    1. But there is no end. When is there ever an end? We got away but I thought they would notice I was brown so a bit of a worry. They were all very hard working, I Will give you that. How the Silver Fox got mixed up in that I will ever know. He is no Nazi and he too is crap with DIY.


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