Some is rich, and some is poor and that’s the way the world is

Martin Platt is back! Yes, you heard me, Martin Platt is back in Corrie tonight!


Now whilst I am no longer a fan of the once great soap, Martin was great. He was there at the same time as Alf and Jack and Vera and Percy Sugden. An NHS male nurse. A generally good geezer – apart from his playing away – and not even getting a medal for marrying Gail.

With 1639 Corrie appearances, Platty should have been knighted. Perhaps he now will.

In other news, I got back from Turin yesterday after another memorable trip to see Fiorentina play, with my Viola Club Stockport pals. The Viola even won too, beating Torino 2-1. Dreadful first half with shockingly bad VAR tech and then a missed penalty by us after the VAR fiasco, but we won it with a pen with 5 mins to go at our end of the ground. Purfick. A tuna sandwich and no Bovril was poor half time fare though.


We tried some good beers in Turin – I still think we should have sampled the 9%+ Liquid Sex Robot (a beer I hasten to add, not a pervy pastime). Great food as ever but I may avoid seafood pizzas in the future.


I won’t bang on about our Turin trip but it was expertly organised and directed by our man from Turin, Addy, who sorted us the best restaurants and bars, and showed us round the city. We had many walking wounded – bedridden bugbearers; too much booze colour changers; fingers in car door blood oozers – but still we had our usual great time. The ancient clanging tram doors threatened to emasculate us too but blessed by the luck of the Torino bull we survived. Too little sleep but I had restricted myself to (generally) modest amounts to drink and on one occasion even ate a side salad.

I thought I had made a new friend one evening, but was advised afterwards that being accosted in the street near the station on an evening by a woman asking if you would like company, and whether she could join you for a drink, was not because she saw us and thought we looked fun. Personally I was concerned that her husband was dead (which she told me several times) and how her two kids were, and the fact she had lived in Edgware was interesting. I still think she just really liked us / me, and wanted to be our friends. Along with her other friend who also appeared in search of a free cigarette. Sadly I did not see her again but maybe one day I will return to Turin or Rumania or Edgware, just maybe……


SOD THAT BOB! I hear you cry. What about the last blog and the tale of the holes in the quilt cover? Surely there was some remedy to be had? Well yes there was. S & J have had a cheque for £50. Unbelievable. I bet they make holes in all their bedding in every hotel they stay in, the cheeky scammers.

For some reason I wanted to mention Flat Stanley. No idea why but here is a picture.


Mrs Bob tells me that the dogs smell. Surely if I cannot smell them then a) this is not my responsibility and b) they probably don’t? I have to bath them later now. Well Mrs Bob, they will be dried using your clothes.

Tomorrow I grow a year older and I am starting to feel it. My big fat sausage finger means I have to see a rheumatologist tomorrow. They had better not say I am fat too or I will find something rude to say about them in response. What if they pull my finger? Worries worries.

On the upside Bob Jnr (Male) surprised me by turning up tonight to celebrate my 42nd. Yes, I know he is here more than he is at uni. My gain. He has brought his mum a gift too and she is washing it / them.

I got rid of a lot of old DVDs yesterday but kept the best ones.


Yes, The Flashing Blade. I was just like him as a young man. I am now more debonair and worldly-wise and a bit less swash-buckly.

It was an improvement on….


Here Come the Double Deckers.

As we all know this was a 17-part British children’s TV series from 1970–71, revolving around the adventures of seven children whose den was an old red double-decker London bus in an unused junk yard.

Bloody Heck! Is that Melvin Hayes though?? Jane Seymour, Robin Askwith and Clive Dunn all appeared in it. George Benson did too!!!!! Not THAT GB though…..

Brinsley Forde of course went off to have massive success with Aswad. One of the other cast is still acting in stuff and another is a professor. The dog went on to be Spit in Tiswas. I was the boy in yellow on the right, Donut.

To be fair I did like it. It was a glimpse into what London life must be like – weird, odd accents and just not like a life I wanted to be in, but still enthralling. They did get a comic strip in Whizzer & Chips though.


Oh it has to comics next blog. Only one comic was top of the pile but plenty of other good ones.

Once more I get to the point that I realise I had nothing to say. I planned nothing. I did no research. I used no imagination. I just did it. Pointless musings like it says on the virtual tin.

Oh I did shout a song in the car to Bob Jnr (Female) tonight to back up Joe Strummer on vocals so I will finish with this




4 thoughts on “Some is rich, and some is poor and that’s the way the world is

  1. Captain Haddock March 22, 2018 — 11:11 pm

    no mention or norman or pigeon album please cancel my subsription


    1. Look Norman never accepted my FB friend request so I have nothing to report on.

      PD to follow. Patience young man.


  2. Any tips for where to eat in Turin

    I’m going to see Milan v Torino in the city and would love a good food tip or two before going.

    Forza Rossoneri.


  3. Hi mate. Turin is brilliant. We had two lovely meals at Slurp – the name makes it sound naff but it is a proper top notch place. If you want simpler stuff then for a wide range of pizzas go for Sfashion Cafe on Via Cesare Battisti 13, 10123 Turin, Italy.

    We went to a great beer hall type place with beer towers and thousands of world beers but that was a taxi ride out of the centre. Found a really good bar late on in the centre Highly recommend.


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